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Natural Awakenings Opens New Online Store

A Shopping Guide to Conscious Consumption

na_webstore_hero_logo_rectangleNAPC founder Sharon Bruckman says the new web store continues the tradition of empowering healthy living and a healthy planet.

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Locavore Aid

A Handy Atlas for Eating Local

Strolling of the Heifers, a Vermont-based local food advocacy group, has released its second annual Locavore Index, tracking the availability and use of locally produced foods and ranking states based on their committed support.

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Pet Food Perils

Lurking GMOs May Hurt Our Pets

Like a canary in a coal mine, dogs serve as sentinels, drawing our attention to health hazards in our shared home environment and in the products and byproducts of the food industry.

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10 Ways To Eat Well

Organic farmers and ranchers aren’t allowed to use chemical poisons on their crops and livestock and are generally better stewards of the land.

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Green Homes Can be a Bargain


One of the most innovative, energy-efficient houses in the United States has been built in the District of Columbia’s working-class Deanwood neighborhood, which has struggled with foreclosures.

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Derricks to Get a New Lease on Life

Wishful Fishing

Nonproducing ocean oil rigs may serve a new purpose as artificial reefs, providing essential fish and marine habitats.

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