Backyard Gardening

How to Get a Lot From Your Plot

Ten helpful how-tos for reaping top harvests of wonderful fruits and vegetables.

Whether this is your first year growing a kitchen garden or your thumb glows green from years of use, it’s possible to quickly turn dreams of bountiful organic harvests into a reality. Even small gardens can be surprisingly productive, sometimes yielding enough squash to feed the neighborhood. These 10 tips will help you reap top harvests of superb vegetables and herbs.

Shop from Your Garden First. You may need to change your shopping habits to accommodate  your own produce patch. Spread on the Mulch. Rain often becomes scarce in summer.  Harvest Often. Gather what’s ripe at least three times a week. Make Plenty of Pesto. Basil will keep producing new leaves over a longer time if you harvest big bunches . Squeeze Tomatoes. Taste Local Favorites. Trying new crops is always fun. Keep Your Cool. Garden in the morning or evening. Bet on Beans. They grow on most climates. Sow More Salad. Lettuce and other greens grow in different seasons. Fortify Soil.

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