Water Doggies

Given a Pool or Lake, Canines Dive Into Action

Water sports for dogs can be done just for fun or to earn recognition. Venues range from a backyard adult or kiddie pool to a lake, river or ocean. All offer healthful exercise for canine bodies and brains.
Some dogs seem born to swim, while others learn to love it and a few make entertaining spectators. It all depends on temperament, breed and body style plus energy and confidence levels, as well as training.

Not all dogs love to swim, says Eileen Proctor, a pet lifestyle expert in Denver, Colorado, so proceed cautiously. “One of the first things to do is buy a properly fitted life jacket that keeps his head out of the water,” she counsels. “Once he is used to wearing it, train him to use steps [like in a pool] to walk into and out of the water every time.”

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