GMOs Threaten Wheat Exports

America lags behind the world in limiting, banning or even labeling genetically modified (GE, GM or GMO) crops, and now Japan has suspended some imports from the United States because of the discovery of unapproved GM wheat in Oregon.

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We Can Ban Fracking!

frackingOn Aug. 21, you can join Americans Against Fracking for a national call-in day to President Obama.

Call the President at 1-888-660-2594. You can tell him: “Fracking threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the communities we love and the climate on which we all depend. We need to ban fracking now.”

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Johnny Appletree

One Life Yields Two Forests

After 30 years of single-handedly planting a huge forest in North India, Jadav Payeng is starting on his second.

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10 Ways To Eat Well

Organic farmers and ranchers aren’t allowed to use chemical poisons on their crops and livestock and are generally better stewards of the land.

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Collaborative Conservation

Threatened Species Rebound

The American bald eagle and other decimated populations targeted by international conservation efforts, from Rwanda’s mountain gorillas to India’s wild tigers, show encouraging signs of recovery.

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Cool Schools

Spotlight on Sustainable Colleges

College-bound students appear to be thinking green. Environmental credentials, in addition to academic excellence and affordable tuition, are gaining traction in their selection process.

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The Truth about GMOs

Plant Pathologist Don Huber Reveals the Risks

Noted plant pathologist and Purdue University Professor Emeritus Don Huber, Ph.D., speaks out internationally about the risky business of biotechnology.

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