Schools Go Green

Homework, Lunch, Buses Get an Eco-Makeover

From pre-K to college, schools are exploring environmental strategies to reduce waste and build sustainability.

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GMOs Threaten Wheat Exports

America lags behind the world in limiting, banning or even labeling genetically modified (GE, GM or GMO) crops, and now Japan has suspended some imports from the United States because of the discovery of unapproved GM wheat in Oregon.

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Be an Advocate for GE labeling

advocateURGENT – from the Center for Food Safety. You can meet with Senators & Representatives while they’re home for the August recess!

Forty-two Senators and Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors of the bill. But the industry is pushing back hard trying to stall GMO labeling. Your Members of Congress in Washington, D.C. NEED to hear from you now!

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August 2013 Issue Now Available!!

0813_sunflowersSpecial Edition

Family Health

Our natural health experts share helpful
information, insights and tips you’ll like.

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Natural Awakenings Opens New Online Store

A Shopping Guide to Conscious Consumption

na_webstore_hero_logo_rectangleNAPC founder Sharon Bruckman says the new web store continues the tradition of empowering healthy living and a healthy planet.

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Locavore Aid

A Handy Atlas for Eating Local

Strolling of the Heifers, a Vermont-based local food advocacy group, has released its second annual Locavore Index, tracking the availability and use of locally produced foods and ranking states based on their committed support.

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Pet Food Perils

Lurking GMOs May Hurt Our Pets

Like a canary in a coal mine, dogs serve as sentinels, drawing our attention to health hazards in our shared home environment and in the products and byproducts of the food industry.

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