Green-up Your Picnics

Make Simple Switches to Have an Environmentally-friendly Excursion

Consider switching from traditional items that generate pollution and waste, such as charcoal briquettes and disposable cutlery, to greener, more conscious choices.

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Sky Scrapers

‘Living’ Buildings Might Inhale Urban Carbon Emissions

Could new technology design “living” buildings with “lungs” that absorb carbon emissions and “skin” that controls interior temperatures?

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Tiny Baubles

Plastic Pollution Flows from Washday to the Sea

Microscopic plastic debris from washing clothes made of synthetic materials is accumulating in the marine environment and could be entering the food chain.

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Act up. Act now.

by Bill McKibben, founder of

At any given moment, there are a thousand things going wrong in the world. If we were to list just major environmental problems alone we could go on for a long time, citing everything from toxic contaminants in our food to the scarcity of safe drinking water.

This past summer, we all stared in horror at the slowly blackening Gulf of Mexico as the Deepwater Horizon oil slick spread on and below the water’s surface. Making such a list is such a depressing exercise that the temptation is to just walk away from the  task. We might feel like a surgeon at a wartime field hospital, forced to do major triage. Where do we turn first?

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